PUB-FEED is a online multimedia, news and entertainment website that tracks trending content about the life and times of our beloved traditional British pubs and the local communities that support them .

PUB-FEED features helpful or entertaining content, making it the No. guide in the pub trade and on British pub culture.

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PUB-FEED has trending multimedia on all things alcoholic in the pub trade. A pub is more that just an establishment that serves alcohol, for many punters their 'local pub' is considered to be the heart of the community. but a pub isn't a pub without cask ale, draft beer and larger on tap. For every 10 alcoholic drinks sold in a pub, seven are beers, one is wine, one is cider and one is a spirit.


PUB-FEED has helpful and entertaining multimedia on the unique and quintessentially British culture of pub life. From the people and communities that keep pub culture alive to the traditional and modern day etiquettes no foreigner should be without.


PUB-FEED has the most straightforward, helpful and entertaining trade and management multimedia. Choosing to take on a pub can soon takeover your entire life if you don't prepare by learning some essential management, contingency planning, communication and delegation skills.


PUB-FEED has found helpful and entertaining multimedia on the highs and lows of running a successful pub restaurant. Many British pubs in financial difficulty avoided closure by introducing a restaurant that serves good honest traditional British food.


PUB-FEED traces back through history to find the most entertaining multimedia about the great British pub which has been an essential part of British culture since the Romans. Fast forward 2000 years and a pub can still be found at the heart of almost every community across the UK. it is always assumed that every Britain will have, what they call "a local", by which they mean a pub which is local to their home or place of work that they drink and socialise in the most?


PUB-FEED has everything worth knowing about online marketing for the pub trade. Not so long ago a pubs marketing strategy started and finished with a sign, but like with many small business today, engaging with customers online has become an essential part of running a successful business. Especially for the traditional British pub since the beginning of its decline back in 2010. But as our beloved pubs begin to adapt and move with the times this decline has stopped and we are now witnessing a small but steady improvement over the last few years